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The demand for iron during World War II sharply increased Minnesota''s iron ore production. Mesabi iron ore output peaked in 1953. Although Minnesota''s iron mining industry endured major changes, especially in the 1980s, the Mesabi Range continues to be a leading producer of iron …

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Mesabi Range - Mining Artifacts. Posted: (7 days ago) The Mesabi Iron Range is a vast deposit of iron ore and the largest of four major iron ranges in the region collectively known as the Iron Range of Minnesota. Discovered in 1866, it is the chief deposit of iron ore in the United States.


 · The Minnesota Iron Range was a major site of strife between owners and laborers, and a fertile field for labor organizing. Most famous, perhaps, was the Mesabi Range, where much of the strife occurred, and where historic battles between labor and management were fought.

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 · The Mesabi Iron Range strike was a remarkable feat of protest, and during that summer of 1916, the "Reds" won, for a time. After several unsuccessful attempts to hit back at their industrial oppressors, unskilled newcomers, some in the country for less than 10 years, brought America''s ruling industrial class to an unwelcomed reckoning ...

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Also on-site are a power shovel, bulldozer, large mining truck tire and a mining shovel bucket. From the park gazebo you''ll view the Mountain Iron Mine that has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark. Iron ore was first discovered on the Mesabi Iron Range in 1890 near present day Mountain Iron.

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 · The Village of Mesaba no longer exists today. In the center of the Mesabi Iron Range, near Hibbing, there once was a town named Webb. Like the mines near the Village of Mesaba, the Webb Mine was also shipping ore in the first decade of the 20th Century. It was a prosperous mine. Along with other mines in the immediate vicinity, many miners were ...

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His company, Oliver Iron Mining Co., was a leading supplier from the Mesabi Range of Minnesota and became a long-time iron ore mining subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corporation. He organized his company on September 18, 1892 and negotiated a lease for the Missabe Mountain Iron Mine on the Mesabi Range.

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We were hungry for new areas to explore, so when some fellow cycling buddies sang the praises of the Minnesota Iron Range''s Mesabi Trail™, we immediately booked a trip. This premier bike trail winds 120 miles through some of the most scenic areas of northeastern Minnesota. And the region''s extensive mining history intrigued us both.

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The Vermilion Range exists between Tower and Ely, Minnesota, and contains significant deposits of iron ore. The Vermilion, along with the Mesabi and Cuyuna Ranges, constitute the Iron Ranges of northern Minnesota. While the Mesabi Range had iron ore close enough to the surface to enable pit mining, mines on the Vermilion and Cuyuna ranges ...

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Mesabi Range. The Mesabi Iron Range is a vast deposit of iron ore and the largest of four major iron ranges in the region collectively known as the Iron Range of Minnesota. Discovered in 1866, it is the chief deposit of iron ore in the United States. The deposit is located in northeast Minnesota, largely in Itasca County and St. Louis County.

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*This video has no sound1920s documentary film featuring the Mesabi Iron ore range in Minnesota U.S.A. The film includes the mining, transportation across t...


Exhibits. Minnesota Discovery Center''s permanent exhibits include displays on many Iron Range topics including immigration, underground and open pit mining, the taconite process, logging, transportation, schools and saloons, geology, and Governor Rudy Perpich. Our temporary and traveling exhibits showcase special topics through artifacts ...


 · Vast reserves of taconite, with iron concentrations of 30-50%, were discovered in 1870 near present-day Babbitt, on the Mesabi Iron Range. However these deposits were passed over in favor of mining existing high grade iron ore formations, because extracting the pure iron from taconite was extremely difficult and costly.

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Although much smaller than the Mesabi iron range to the north, the Cuyuna was a major producer of iron ore for 80 years. More than 106 million tons of ore were mined and shipped from the Cuyuna range between its discovery, in 1904, and 1984, when mining ceased.

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 · Located in Northern Minnesota, and extending for nearly 100-miles, the Mesabi Range was North America''s most productive iron range. From 1890 to today, more than 400 mines operated on the Mesabi Range removing over 3.8-billion tons of iron ore, the majority of which was extracted from highly efficient open-pit mining methods.

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Communities along the trail display retired mining artifacts like this loader tire in Mountain Iron. The Mesabi Trail crosses Minnesota''s tallest bridge just outside of ia. It spans 1,132 feet and crosses the Rouchleau mine lake 200 feet above the water''s surface for a spectacular view from your bike seat.

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 · In the historic Mesabi iron range, tailings ponds and tailings basins are mining features evident throughout the range''s 100 mile stretch, running from Grand Rapids to Babbitt, but less than a century ago, these mining features were absent, as the concentrating plants that created them were still only nascent features on the landscape.

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Iron mining has shaped northern Minnesota for over 100 years. It is a vital part of the Iron Range communities. The Iron Range supplies 80% of the country''s taconite, which is used in the steelmaking process. Mining has created amazing vistas and unique …

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 · Mining companies have a long history of supporting education and school construction on the Iron Range. In the early 1900s and later, mining companies helped pay for the construction of impressive schools in several Iron Range communities. "I have to applaud U.S. Steel for donating land to build a school," Sen. David Tomassoni of Chisholm said.

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Moving west in the 1880s to Michigan''s Gogebic Iron Range, John Longyear and his partners developed and leased what became the Norrie, Aurora, East Norrie, and Ashland mines. The Ashland mine, opened in 1884, shipped a million tons of ore by 1890. Also during the 1880s, John Longyear used leasing rights in return for royalties for the first time.

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and the Iron Trade Review noted that mining men feared the Mesabi "would swamp them."4 These fears had justification. By 1897, five short years after its first shipment, the Mesabi produced more ore than any other American iron range, and by 1907 it produced more ore than all other American iron mining ranges combined.5

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Call 218-749-7750 for more information. NEW OR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: call today for a tour, registration information, and about what Mesabi Range College has to offer you. Eveleth campus: 218-744-7506 OR ia campus: 218-749-0313.

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o lookout c: view to mesabi iron range o lookout a: view to mine o lookout b: city o old mine view building temp. location o mesabi trench o artifact - shovels o artifact - mining truck o viewing platform o artifact - diesel engine artifact - drill bit artifact - anchor artifact - rail cart phase l: upper park site plan, completed fall 2018

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 · Jan. 4, 2021. The Iron Man Memorial in Chisholm stands at eighty-five feet tall as a monument to the miners of Minnesota''s Iron Range. The nearly thirty-year story of its creation reveals ...

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 · Since iron ore was discovered on the Mesabi Range in 1890, mining has defined northeastern Minnesota. Mining is a large part a diversified northern Minnesota economy that includes tourism, forest products and manufacturing.

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1005 Discovery Drive. Chisholm, MN 55719. 800-372-6437. Attractions / Entertainment Museums Wheel Pass Vendors | Chisholm. Telling the story of the Iron Range – the Land, the Mines, the People and the Work. Ride the trolley. Play mini-golf. Visit the museum & exhibits all rooted in the Iron Range history.

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Mesabi Range, largest of three iron ranges in northern Minnesota, U.S. (the others are Vermilion and Cuyuna). It extends 110 miles (180 km) from Babbitt (northeast) to Grand Rapids (southwest) at heights varying from 200 to 500 feet (60 to 150 metres), with a high point of 2,000 feet (610 metres).

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 · Though mining continues, 60% of mining employment has been lost since 1980, leaving the Mesabi Range with a 600-foot-deep hole and difficult questions about the region''s future.[/imgcontainer] The story of northern Minnesota''s Mesabi Iron Range may be neatly summarized as a human struggle of digging holes in rare earth with increasingly ...

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 · Mesabi Range Mines, Minnesota 1939-1945 by Paul Baldwin on the Military History of the Upper Great Lakes website; For information on the IRRRB''s role in the region, see the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board: Celebrating 75 Years on the Iron Range. (PDF) For more on James J. Hill''s role on the Iron Range:

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Underground mining of natural iron ore deposits occurred on the Mesabi Range in northeastern Minnesota from 1892 to 1961. The Mesabi Range is the ledge rock exposure of the Biwabik Iron Formation, a geological feature that stretches in length for just over 100 miles, from west of Grand Rapids in Itasca County to east of Babbitt near the St. Louis / Lake County line.


We brought this concept to the Minnesota Mesabi Iron Range. With rapid acceptance of the "MESABI® Radiator" in the mining industry, the concept skyrocketed into worldwide popularity as both an OEM and aftermarket product for mobile and stationary heavy-duty equipment. Thus, the generation of MESABI…


The second range, the Mesabi Iron Range, is a vast deposit of iron ore and the largest of three major iron ranges in the region collectively known as the Iron Range of Minnesota. Discovered in 1866, it is the chief deposit of iron ore in the United States. The deposit is located in northeast Minnesota, largely in Itasca County and St. Louis County.


 · November 1919: Mesabi Iron Company produces "Mesabi Sinter" from taconite with high silica content. June 21, 1922: Mesabi Iron Company plant in Babbitt goes into commercial production. October 1, 1922: First cargo (taconite) shipped from Mesabi Iron Company. June 10, 1924: Mining operations cease at Mesabi Iron Company plant in Babbitt.


The Iron Range Historical Society (IRHS) is a historical society in northeastern Minnesota. Located on the Mesabi Range in Minnesota''s Arrowhead, it has offices in McKinley. The Society was founded in 1973. IRHS is a research library and archival house specializing in family and historical research.

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 · The same time as Congdon was settling into Duluth, the Merritt Brothers discovered merchantable ore and opened the Mesabi range to the mining industry. It was the 1890s and iron mining on the Iron Range was picking up as technology and investments hit the region and attention from national business leaders increased.

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 · Minnesota Museum of Mining: It''s just off U.S. 169 in Chisholm and is open daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Admission is $6, $4 ages 6-17. Minnesota Discovery Center: Formerly known as Ironworld, this center in Chisholm holds exhibits on Iron Range history and culture. Admission is $9, $5 for youths 3-17.

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 · In Mesabi Iron-Range Mines, A Lode of Sexual Harassment. Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed. Sexual Harassment Law, by Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler ...

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 · Iron ore mining in the Mesabi Range involved three major phases: direct shipping ores (1893–1970s), washable ores (1907–1980s), and taconite (1947–current). Each phase of iron mining used different technologies to extract and process ore. Producing all of this iron …

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Iron World is a mining theme park, museum, and living history center in harmony with the dying industry of the Mesabi Iron Range. Minnesota Mining Museum Also in Chisholm, the Minnesota Mining Museum is a cluster of outbuildings, machinery and artifacts spread around the grounds, including trains, drill rigs, haul trucks, and steam and electric ...

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Hull Rust Mine View existed in north Hibbing for many years before it became necessary to relocate to accommodate mining (a familiar story on the Iron Range!). The new location offers a 360-degree view of Hibbing Taconite operations, the City of Hibbing, and the …

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 · The Carson Lake shown on this 1955 map is an artifact - in fact it hadn''t existed for more than three decades. Once the largest body of water located within a 5 mile radius of the Mesabi Range''s largest community, Hibbing, Carson Lake had been effectively removed from the landscape over a two-year period from 1917-1919.